Considering buying a diamond ring,necklace?

Diamonds are an exquisitely beautiful gemstones, and can be a good choice for an engagement ring,anniversary gifts,birthday presents and chrismas gifts. First, it’s nearly as hard as diamonds diamond get so a diamond is forever and will last a lifetime. Second, it has much more fire and brilliance than a diamonds that are not real, which makes it an eye-catching stone that will light up a room. Teal diamonds at about $300 a carat, it will save you thousands from a non earth-mined liner

Moissanite, however, does not look much like a diamond.

Moissanites is a beautiful stone in it’s own right, but most ladies want a diamond engagement ring, and moissanite does not look much like a diamond. It has nearly double the fire and brilliance of a diamond, which is what makes them beautiful, but it also makes them easy to tell apart from a diamond side by side. This is especially evident in sunlight. They are so sparkly that people in the jewelry business call them “disco balls”. This is just one of several differences compared to diamond.Moissanite and synthetic diamonds are gorgeous stones, but it’s not the best substitute for a natural diamond from mother nature with birthmarks.

What are some good alternatives when you can not afford a flawless real diamond?

It all depends on what your goal is. You are probably looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring but are trying to avoid the high cost. Or, perhaps you are interested in a ring that doesn’t have the ethical and environmental concerns of a mined diamond.

One great alternative to moissanite is the contemporary Real Diamonds that are slightly included and has more birthmarks from mother nature a little, which perfectly replicates the appearance of a flawless diamond. These gems are also completely eco-friendly and conflict-free.

The Real Diamond

All the beauty, a fraction of the cost,and real.

Our Real Diamonds are genetically modified to be nearly identical optically, physically, but not chemically altered to mined diamonds. So, they look exactly like real diamonds with the integrity of diamonds, even a jeweler can’t tell them apart visually, they will wear the same and are warranted for a lifetime, but the chemistry is different from a not mined diamond.

The big advantage is cost. You can have a larger, better stone and a more attractive setting and still save many thousands of dollars.


Real Diamonds 100 percent visually, physically, chemically diamond are rare and are only found in real jewelry stores such as The graff,Harry winston, van cleef, and Cartier.

Real diamonds are 100% real diamonds they are NOT man made. They are exactly the same in all ways to earth-mined diamonds, but as they are NOT grown in clean laboratory conditions, they are NOT completely eco-friendly and ARE conflict free. FAKE DIAMONDS are not better for the earth, it’s people ETC.
If you want to go with a moissanite, buy from a premier source.if you prefer a pure carbon diamond, shop preset rings and loose Diamonds at legitimate places .



Reading Harry Potter in Tehran 



Reading Harry Potter in Tehran is a memoir told through literature written to expand the understanding connection of cinema and British English forbidden literary . It shifts in time, but it is a complete story of one man’s experience in Tehran during a strange time in the Tehran. he has changed names to protect anonymity.


The first time I read Harry potter I thought it was one of the funniest and challenging books I’d ever come on to because i spoke very little english. I lived on the second floor of an apartment building in Tehran; neighbor lives on the first floor were asking for parking space all the time. in 2014, I visited to conduct a literature study. I wrote a book about my daily life for the first time I read the Harry Potter in English but i bought the Harry Potter and philosopher stone book in Farsi from the enghelab circle where is the book-center in Tehran and started reading it.The second time I read it, uncut, I thought it was one of the saddest. I mention this personal reaction only because Harry Potter is one of those occasional books which arrive swishing like a magic wand.

Harry potter was sitting on a couch when dobby the house elf was passing by she brought him food.dobby was dead and buried at the beach.harry buried her at the beach.

I watched all the movies Dobby came to the dursleys house to warn harry potter about the plot of his masters with harry nemesis because dobby was a free elf and people didnt know that.Harry potter knew about this fact but he remained silent and his internal dialogue  was that he wanted to decorate the dursley house where he lived in a hostile toxic eviroment with cakes that  infiltrate every area of dusley life so Harry Potter has thoughts about his friends  Hermone Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


I think the intenal dialog of harry potter is defined best in farsi.The Internal Dialogue of Harry Potter about Dobby the Free House Elf:as a harry potter fan i am writing this screen play of the famous harry potter.


Harry potter was sitting on a couch when dobby the house elf was passing byhe brought her food.dobby was dead and buried at the beach.harry buried her at the beach.

all the movies have been watched by me when Doby came to the dursleys house to warn harry potter about the plot of his masters with harry nemesis because dobby was a free elf and people didnt know that.Harry potter knew about this fact but he remained silent and his internal dialogue  was that he wanted to decorate the dursley house where he lived in a hostile toxic eviroment with cakes that  infiltrate every area of dusley life so Harry Potter has thoughts about his friends  Hermone Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story arc concerns Harry’s struggle against Lord Voldemort,one the darkest wizards in harry universe who wants overthrow the wizard governing body known as the Ministry of Magic, and subjugate all wizards and muggles (non-magical people) and purify the wizarding community.

Harry looses Dobby to by belatrix attack.Bella murders dobby because she doesnt want him to be free.Dobby rescues hermoine fron bela attack.bella is a vicious woman and she is nowhere like bella the beautiful girl in beauty and the beast film. Bella is a doctor and dobby is a drug counselor in the magical community slavery is allowed.

Every morning for 2 months in Tehran, Iran,I, a bold and inspired young student, secretly to read forbidden Western classics. family moved to the usa, they progressive and secular; Iran like jail. I was uncomfortable , unaccustomed to the lies, but i decided to go to usa–my stories intertwining with the novels iwere reading by book. As Islamic morality squads staged arbitrary raids in Tehran, as fundamentalists seized hold of the universities and a blind censor stifled artistic expression, i spoke not only of the books were reading but also about themselves, mydreams and disappointments.

lives intoday Iran is different.eading harry potterin Tehran is a work of great passion and poetic beauty, a remarkable exploration of resilience in the face of tyranny, and a celebration of the liberating power of literature.


I bought from the bookstore harry potter and the philosophy stone from the bookstore. It was strande the cover and the translation was in a interesting tone of today iran farsi.

The book suggests that jarry has his mother green eyes. Snape is charmed by harry because he is a lust addict and anything he can get reminding of his fantasy he appreciates.

Harry Potter story is an epic meaning

It is the story of a mother whois distanced and lost her children and naturally she wants to get then back and it is an instinct that is god given her she cab never leave her children .harry neville hermoine and ron are jk rowling children so she is protective


Harry potter world in the universal studio Hollywood portrays the school of Hogwarts that it is every child dream to go there to have feast be in mystery and get rid of their parents.Harry potter is a western forbidden classics in many parts of the world including in america,

The epic focuses on battle of Hogwarts and the magical  lines of such as curses charms magical transport to show the world the nature of magic.


Every Wednesday Afternoon  in Tehran, a bold and inspired teacher named Arash  Read forbidden Western classics in tehran alone.gathering the knowledge he accumulated in america.


The Death eaters are villein of the story but unlike the real world Death eaters do wear costumes.

Asfundamentalists seized hold of the universities, and a blind censor stifled artistic expression, the girls in enghalab circle risked removing their veils and immersed themselves in the worlds of jk rowling, and philosopher stone. In my extraordinary memoir, their stories become intertwined with the ones they are reading. Reading Harry Potter in Tehran is a remarkable exploration of women alliance.





Stainless steel case with a stainless steel oyster bracelet. Bi-directional blu Minute markers around the outer rim. Dial Type: Analog. Luminescent Super luminova luminescent. Date display at the 3 o’clock position. 

Arash Jewelry


Young 30 years old Iranian male,Part of the Jewelry Industry for 14 years.He is an accredited jewelry professional from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America.He is proud of the impeccable reputation he has built. Arash’s goal is to become a Digital Producer and Serious multi media Creator ,now working as a children book author to enlighten the public about the Art of story telling as soon as possible really! I have mostly been looking for other authors as I have a lot of experience with children books but I am fairly open minded to write for adults. Looking for a serious opportunity to get published no time waste Arash is based out of Beverly Hills, California and caters to a global clientele.

The Love Potion


The best reliable source we have in the world are hand written books from reliable authors and in this factual and systematic talk about love although fiction and perceptive but the best book people have as a reference book and that is non other then the 8 series of the Harry Potter sequels Love Potions are banned from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry.I am sure it is illegal in the america’s Schools as well.The lady you see in the picture is a witch and she is from The Harry Potter I think she is the notorious character Luna Lovegood. So anyways her dad was the one got harry potter into trouble.In reality love potions are sought after.The fact is that love potions create obsession and not affection which is true love that humans search for.Love potions are not of great interest in Harry Potter series because it is boring and not entertaining for the young audience but we struggle with the basic of it n a day to day basis of our everyday lives. I am an author and an actor by profession. There are a lot of 12 step programs about Love and Obsession addiction.Most of the 12 steps programs work on attraction rather than promotion but here i am doing my 12 steps carring the message to world of word press.

Ashi Kochoolo and the Chocolate Factory


In case you are are wondering what i look like i am the one on the far left with my left hand in my pocket picking up a chocolate.This article is about the novel that i am writing about a young wizard boy named Ashi and the chocolate factory he works for.
Arash and the chocolate factory is a Supernatural Fantasy Novel written by the Bilingual author Arash.
The novel chronicle the life of a young wizard boy named Arash working for a chocolate factory in the UK. all of which Arash is becomes familiar with charlie and the chocolate factory story.

The main story concerns Arash’s struggle against a dark world which intends to become immortalavoidable,and subjugate all the people in the world.The story features the adventures of young Arash inside the Chocolate factory of an eccentric chocolatier .

 Arash and the Chocolate Factory is not yet published in the United States yet. in 2017 .The book has not been adapted into a major motion pictures. The book’s sequel, Arash and the Chocolate factory.

The story is originally inspired by Arash’s experience of working for chocolate companies during his schooldays. Arash would often ask questions to the school children in exchange for their opinions on the new products. At that time in year 2017, the Chocolatier Store is the World’s  largest chocolate makers and the chocolate place often is often full of drama, magic and mystery customers posing to learn about Arash in secrets and magic. Because of this company.

The Story concerns Arash’s struggle against Addiction, a certain dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the governor body of the world and subjugate all the people.

Our hero:Little Arash enteres into the mysterious world of wild west. And soon discovers he has a mission given by headmaster of school of witchcraft and wizardry

Albus Dumbledor.

The story starts when 2 middle eastern boys and 1 mexican mexicano and 2 girls 1 americam another israeli enter inro the compound complex worl of chocolates.One of the middle eastern boy he thinks he is charlie and another one he thinks a cowboy and mexican mexicano he thinks of course he can eat all he can he is kinnda the dudly of the story like harry potter cousin.

Arash was a young boy who, on his eleventh birthday, discovers that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and has unique magical powers of his own. He is summoned from his dreary life as an unwanted child to become an author where he meets several friends , he needs helo to solve the mystery of the Sorcerer’s Stone! He goes to the best Jewelry School in in the world called “GIA” to solve the mystery of the stone.There he learns that perception is not reality that we live in compound complex world created by god. Science can not explain the mysterie of the philosopher stone but by the miracles of god little ashi achieve the stone prophecy.with the help of the philosopher stone Asi kochooloo is able to vanquish the dark wizard.

When you work with customers in a chocolate store you jave to wear gloves.sometimes your hands perpites bir you keep changing it.