History of comedy

comedy is recorded from long time ago.


How to buy an engagement ring

An engagement ring can be very expensive purchase, but financing the ring is an option that can help you finance it off over time instead of paying the full price outright at the time of purchase.

There are several ways to pay for the jewelry piece, many of which don’t require you to lay out the money in full when you buy the ring itself. A great way to walk away with the jewelry you’re seeking, and to give yourself financial freedom at the same time, is to finance it.

There are a number of ways to do this.

1.Finance through the jeweler!

“Engagement rings can be financed just as we finance our homes, education, cars, and other things of value. Most jewelry stores have in-store financing for engagement rings. Filling out a basic application with your financials will get you an answer on what your purchase budget can be. You can pay monthly or pay it off earlier, just as any other loan,”

2.From colored gemstones engagement ring to diamond rings in themall stores, online shops ,to  using restyled  rings are the options.

You can create and make your own rings with style. Cartier.com,vancleef.com are some


Voldmort little princess

For Sale are the Copyrights to a Wonderful Children’s Book. The name of the book is Voldemort little princessDeath_Eaters_WBST, She’s a flying sorcerers”. I wrote it, and I did all the illustrations. I put a few of the images and writings on. Depending on the format you wish to publish it, it is approx. 12 pages and 12 illustrations. We are selling the copyrights, and not asking for any royalties.

How many languages are there?


Valentine’s Day came and passed but how do you say i love you from the heart.I discovered there are not so many ways. There is a language called language of the heart. There are many tongues spoken in the world for instance English spanish portugese chinese, parsel tongue,Persian (farsi),indian ,the language of the heart and many more

There are obvious ones and secret ones like yiddish. there are rude ones and gentle ones.

There are sweet one and cursed ones there are also spells and charm ones.

But the question is how many laguages are there? Which one is language of the heart? Noone knows the answer to that question. Only one knows. I now know english is not the only o e