The Love Potion


The best reliable source we have in the world are hand written books from reliable authors and in this factual and systematic talk about love although fiction and perceptive but the best book people have as a reference book and that is non other then the 8 series of the Harry Potter sequels Love Potions are banned from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry.I am sure it is illegal in the america’s Schools as well.The lady you see in the picture is a witch and she is from The Harry Potter I think she is the notorious character Luna Lovegood. So anyways her dad was the one got harry potter into trouble.In reality love potions are sought after.The fact is that love potions create obsession and not affection which is true love that humans search for.Love potions are not of great interest in Harry Potter series because it is boring and not entertaining for the young audience but we struggle with the basic of it n a day to day basis of our everyday lives. I am an author and an actor by profession. There are a lot of 12 step programs about Love and Obsession addiction.Most of the 12 steps programs work on attraction rather than promotion but here i am doing my 12 steps carring the message to world of word press.


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