Ashi Kochoolo and the Chocolate Factory


In case you are are wondering what i look like i am the one on the far left with my left hand in my pocket picking up a chocolate.This article is about the novel that i am writing about a young wizard boy named Ashi and the chocolate factory he works for.
Arash and the chocolate factory is a Supernatural Fantasy Novel written by the Bilingual author Arash.
The novel chronicle the life of a young wizard boy named Arash working for a chocolate factory in the UK. all of which Arash is becomes familiar with charlie and the chocolate factory story.

The main story concerns Arash’s struggle against a dark world which intends to become immortalavoidable,and subjugate all the people in the world.The story features the adventures of young Arash inside the Chocolate factory of an eccentric chocolatier .

 Arash and the Chocolate Factory is not yet published in the United States yet. in 2017 .The book has not been adapted into a major motion pictures. The book’s sequel, Arash and the Chocolate factory.

The story is originally inspired by Arash’s experience of working for chocolate companies during his schooldays. Arash would often ask questions to the school children in exchange for their opinions on the new products. At that time in year 2017, the Chocolatier Store is the World’s  largest chocolate makers and the chocolate place often is often full of drama, magic and mystery customers posing to learn about Arash in secrets and magic. Because of this company.

The Story concerns Arash’s struggle against Addiction, a certain dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the governor body of the world and subjugate all the people.

Our hero:Little Arash enteres into the mysterious world of wild west. And soon discovers he has a mission given by headmaster of school of witchcraft and wizardry

Albus Dumbledor.

The story starts when 2 middle eastern boys and 1 mexican mexicano and 2 girls 1 americam another israeli enter inro the compound complex worl of chocolates.One of the middle eastern boy he thinks he is charlie and another one he thinks a cowboy and mexican mexicano he thinks of course he can eat all he can he is kinnda the dudly of the story like harry potter cousin.

Arash was a young boy who, on his eleventh birthday, discovers that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and has unique magical powers of his own. He is summoned from his dreary life as an unwanted child to become an author where he meets several friends , he needs helo to solve the mystery of the Sorcerer’s Stone! He goes to the best Jewelry School in in the world called “GIA” to solve the mystery of the stone.There he learns that perception is not reality that we live in compound complex world created by god. Science can not explain the mysterie of the philosopher stone but by the miracles of god little ashi achieve the stone prophecy.with the help of the philosopher stone Asi kochooloo is able to vanquish the dark wizard.

When you work with customers in a chocolate store you jave to wear gloves.sometimes your hands perpites bir you keep changing it.


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