The 40 shades of Green

Champ_de_blé_Côte-d'Or_Bourgogne_avril_2014Green goes with everything.Myfirst backpack in high school was green.Science says green is between blue and yellow.I say green is the color of love.i make heart jewelry out of emeralds cuz it is a synbol of gowing love.although pistachoo green was my lease favorite i now come to appreciate it as i studied favorire shave of green is the darkest one.I am cutrently looking at the emerald necklace but i bought this bracelet a while back called green looks like a green emerald.i also have an emerald ring.emerald used to be the july birthstone but it got changed to ruby and niw is mays does green goes with everything.. ..truth is stanger than fiction.i wish the sky was wgreen and the ocean wad blue but again science says ocean is green and sky is white. We just see it i am going to the bottom of green or the forest of greenwood.the forbidden forest of greenwood is the most mysterious part of the world this is where unicorns live and i need a unicorns hair.unicorns are to the contrary of people belief are green and not the sky that have been green.back to the green wood forest so i am going to reward anyone who provide me with a trailed map of the greenwood forest $1000.It is easy to get lost in the greenwood and be eaten by the slemerald snakes.



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