STUFF every woman shouldn’t know about man but i can tell you…

First and for most,the thing you should know is that I LOVE YOU.At times it might not sound like it or you dont feel it but it is a fact. us men are bored out of our fucking mind and we only think about you.

Here are the stuff you shouldn’t know but i can tell you.

1.birthdays and anniversaries are girls job to remind. need to know how to build a campfire,poker,have tool box essentials,know how to hang a picture frame,change a flat tire,how to tie a tie,know a few churches,change your breath. should know a few girls pick up lines that guys can pick up.not heavy stuff.

4.know how to give a great massage.

5.when you are doing your make up he looks at you, you always always always say welcome.

6.just know that even if you are married and just had a kid but your husband is an alcoholic and keeps secrets from you you should dump him and send me a linked in message or come by to my grandmother house because every guy is always there. should call or email me for jewelry advice. should call me to translate a book you are are reading in farsi or even better you wanna learn reading and writing farsi.

9.i get the right to say when we get into a fight you came behind me first.

10.i love you.


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