Green Valentine

Does having a love addiction mean that you don't love yourself? Love addition is most sophisticated form of any addiction. Similar to alcohol, love addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. Love addicts live in a world that is a chaos. They are in despair of emotional self awareness. Ironically, love addicts often times have had numerous opportunities for the truly intimate experience they believe they want, however, many are often love avoidance. I live in a community that is very excited about Valentine's Day. Some shopping destinations are putting valentine's signage up as if love is a commodity.It is true that love is the most precious thing one can have but treating it as if it is an object much like higher power is not the right way approaching valentine's day.As love addictis we forget about principles before personalities.We assign magical qualities to others we admire. We idealize and pursue them, then blame them for not fulfilling our fantasies and expectations.sometimes because of our poor boundaries we become codependent.

is it love?what is love?is it gambling with your life? is it a reward? is it lust?Love addiction means you clearly don't have love for yourself and if you are getting married not to feel lonely be prepared for a good round of loneliness.In order to love others you need to love yourself first.what is love? love is not love? love is not envy, love is not lust.

there is a fine line between love and lust.Lust is a state of infatuation.lust is when when you have a crazy heart and not a green know you are in lust when you are in love but world seems are not in love when you donot know the world is a very unkind place.when lovely words are full of cunning,seductions we are in lust.true love flow within us only from the ultimate power god.not religion not certainly from rabbai and pastors.a very strong sexual desire is called lust not love.

How to break your love addiction?
have you ever thought that if only someone loved you in that "special way" you would be happy for the rest of your life? Were you so preoccupied with the notions of love as expressed in music, movies and fiction?
in the film of your life is there a happily ever after?
in my real life it has never been anywhere close.the british proverb dictionary says truth is stranger than fiction.i think the truth is that the ultimate source of love is god and not concept and acceptance of god had been diverted to a place that i am defiant.there are so many around me who tell nothing but the little iranian community i live in los angeles these people are terrified.there is no true lovehere only lust, is true that los angeles is better than some other places there is no doubt about that but is it any more.this city of angeles if filled with fear.

Fantasy is usually confused with sexual fantasy by mainstream america.there are other kinds of fantasies.romantic,wishful,etc.Fantasy and lust are linked together.

At the 12 step addiction program i attend to every Saturday morning for love addiction we read out loud "Principles before Personality. I have a hard time beliving that nowadays.I wish i was like a King like Mr.Reza Pahlavi "The Prince of Persia" or a Wizard like the "Merlin".The greatest sorcerer the world ever known.There are so many lethal people around me.I dont know why.I have never ever hurt anyone in my life but thet want to erased me.I wish i was like the fictional book Harry Potter, the boy who lived.I wish i had the greatest Wizardology Knowledge.If i was a warlock i would never let anyone bully me or hurt me physically or morally.however what i know is that i have the pen as my elder wand and a paper as my cloak of invisibility and my words as my resurrection stone.


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