At the 12 step addiction program i attend to every Saturday morning for love addiction we read out loud “Principles before Personality. I have a hard time beliving that nowadays.I wish i was like a King like Mr.Reza Pahlavi “The Prince of Persia” or a Wizard like Merlin.The greatest sorcerer the world ever known.I am so sick and tired of being bullied.There are so many lethal people around me.I dont know why.I have never ever hurt anyone in my life but thet want to erased me.I wish i was like the fictional book Harry Potter, the boy who lived.I wish i had the greatest Wizardology Knowledge.If i was a warlock i would never let anyone bully me or hurt me physically or morally.however what i know is that i have the pen as my elder wand and a paper as my cloak of invisibility and my words as my resurrection stone.


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