Calligraphy, a Lost Art

Perhaps the least understood art of all ever since the digital age is the art of hand

Writing. The world has becoming so impersonal ever since words have become so

meaningless for a lot of people who in the communication world only rely by typing onto

Their digital devices. In the old times when the world were more personalized that is

Called BPCE (before personal computer era) School children were taught in their

Curriculums important disciplines such as dictation and hand written assignments that

Were more personalized oriented to help them with everyday life (Kent).

Today despite faster communication via digital devices the efficiency of communication

Is compromised. A lot of high school students graduate unprepared in the fields that once

Were important to survive as a result they are not ready for the workforce or post

Secondary education, moreover the shape of society is in transformation nowadays one

Can only find that most genuine letters are written by senior citizens or by refugees and

prisoners (Lam).Because of technological and social changes new ways of

Communication are emerging approaches such as letters, hand writing and

Calligraphy; however the same way that books have not died; however, transformed

From hard objects to digital software, calligraphy is finding life in novel ways such as

Reintroduction of calligraphy in fashion and digital calligraphy from adobe and more

newer Panels. The art of Calligraphy exist in many languages such as Persian Roman,

Greek or Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Indic, Tibetan, Chinese Armenian and more traditions

(Calderhead, contents page). Roots of the word calligraphy is sourced from the Greek

language which means beautiful hand writing which is up to today a mystery for all the

scribes where this Passion for writing beautifully come from even in this age and era it is

expanding despite Elaboration. Calligraphy is a prestigious art panel for those seeking an

innovative Declaration of painted words ( Calligraphy

by Announcement and articulation throughout history have contributed into the different

Fields of studies. In the old times elaborately writing were widely used in elite arts such

As literary books as well as in the common books of religious and astrology and as

Widely in scientific fields (Grebenstein 4). Calligraphy is one of earliest source of

communication and enunciation. Since 25000BC in the cave paintings. With evolving

and metamorphosis calligraphy showed itself with the invention of hieroglyphics of

Egyptians in the forms of sorcery. Phoenicians developed it with their alphabets. Later

Greeks and Romans injected it into Latin in which calligraphers believe as Latin

Introduced Modern Calligraphy. During Middle Ages when monks were more informed

Part of the society they scribed ancient texts into garnish and more decorated texts for the

Aristocrats. Calligraphy contributed to the development of gothic style in gothic Europe.

With Gutenberg invention that limited calligraphy once again; however, calligraphy

were used among important people correspondence to each other . Italics calligraphy was

born during renaissance. British artist brought calligraphy back to public attention and its

importance during the 1800’s. that’s when they invented flat metal edged nibs. Even

though western world is industrialized fully still there are numerous artists practicing and

developing this art today(

What is calligraphy? The true meaning of the art calligraphy in a deeper sense is

that Calligraphy is an art form that has been rooted since the Greek time. Even in Greek

the word calligraphy means handwriting that is purposed for exhibition and

beauty(Calderhead 4) During Paleolithic time caves in southern Europe humans recorded

representations by hand and primitive materials. to send messages (5) In modern

Calligraphy Quills, reeds and metal nibs are used to write calligraphy (17).In developing

calligraphy skills there are numerous options to practice and that makes it sometimes

confusing to decide on a style ;however, the intention comes first in practicing

calligraphy. Some inappropriate styles might not be put in place of good use because of

the challenges it might furnish to the reader(Grebenstein 54).


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